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Specialty Contact Lenses

You may be able to wear contacts after all. Schedule an appointment in Yorktown, VA and get help finding the right contacts for you.

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At ClearVision Optometry, our dedicated optometrists and staff strive to provide vision solutions for patients seeking specialty contact lenses due to certain eye diseases.

Schedule an appointment online and give yourself the gift of clear vision.

Eye Diseases and Your Contact Lenses

For some people, getting fitted for contact lenses is a challenge. This is often due to certain conditions or diseases.

Visiting an office that provides specialty contact lens options, like ClearVision, ensures that you can take advantage of the latest technological advances in techniques and equipment.

We use a topographer, for example, to make fitting you with specialty contact lenses both accurate and efficient.

The following diseases and conditions often require specialty contact lenses:


Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease during which the cornea — which is normally round — begins to thin and bulge into the shape of a cone. This irregular shape leads to distorted vision as the light is deflected upon entering the eye.

Several different corrective options are available to treat the vision problems caused by keratoconus including gas permeable, scleral, hybrid and custom soft contact lenses.Diagram of the parts of a contact lens.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis

The proteins in your tears can cause an inflammatory disease called giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC). It’s marked by the secretion of a substance that causes a filmy coating to adhere to contact lenses, distorting vision and causing discomfort.

Disposable soft contact lenses are sometimes an option because they are discarded before protein deposits begin to accumulate. Because these deposits don’t stick to gas permeable lenses as easily, they can also be an ideal solution.


Considered to be a normal loss of the eye’s focusing ability as the body ages, presbyopia can be challenging to correct unless specialty contact lenses are used.

Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses are more complex in design and require precision fitting to ensure satisfactory results. In recent years, significant improvements have been achieved in multifocal contact lenses, resulting in a decreased need for reading glasses.


In astigmatism, the lens’ spherical curvature is defective in some way so that light does not enter the eye correctly.

The distorted images caused by this condition can often be corrected with the use of gas permeable, soft or custom toric contact lenses.

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At ClearVision Optometry, Drs. Ambrose, Seago, and Arndt have been helping their patients seemore clearly since 1988.

Combining a personal touch, compassionate care and cutting-edge technology, we offer specialty contact lenses to our patients in Yorktown and the surrounding areas.

In addition, our skilled billing team works with your insurance in the event that contact lenses are medically necessary.

Schedule an appointment today and find the right contact lenses for you.

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